Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shows: Taking the Stage!

Taking The Stage (On MTV) is probably my favorite show right now. Whenever I watch it, it puts a smile on my face because of a cool dance performance or a cute relationship, and then I'll cry too because someone will break up (I don't care who it is, it makes me sad because I know how much breakups suck!) or because a song someone sings is really beautiful. Now, Gossip Girl is usually at the top of my list, but in my opinion it's been lacking a little. And by the 12th or whatever season of America's Next Top Model it doesn't even keep my interest when I have nothing to do. Scrubs is hilarious and another one of my favorite shows, but in the 8th season I think the writers are running out of ideas, plus doing strange things with the characters. I still watch Gossip Girl and Scrubs faithfully, but look the most forward to Taking the Stage.

This show isn't one of those "reality" shows about spoiled rich bitches who have nothing better to do than go to a club and start drama or complain about their so called "problems" (You know who I'm talking about!). Rather, it's about people that seem so genuine, like you would want to befriend them, who deal with the everyday issues just like us. Sure, they are all extremely talented. But for me it's not something I watch and think "Those people are so annoying and bratty." I really admire them for the courage and dedication they have to practice what they love and go after their dreams. I"ll admit, I am a little jealous of people who have danced since forever and can do amazing things with their super flexible bodies (while I feel like it's almost too late for me because I'm not one of those people who have taken dancing lessons for 15 years!--ridiculous, but sometimes a little true with things like ballet--for a beginning class you would probably have to take it with 3 year olds).

I love the friendships, I love the relationships, I love watching people sing and dance inbetween. I love that the show portrays a gay couple as what they are; a real couple going through all the ups and downs that any other couple does. No one considers them "weird" or "bad" and it's not a big deal that they're two guys; it's just what it is, love.

Tonight Tyler finally broke up with Jasmine and actually cried (aww!), but seeing that it seemed that they didn't get along the entire time they were together it's probably for the best (plus he cheated on her..hello?!). Even though it was super cute at the beginning when they met and were teaching each other dance moves.
Mia finally got over she says...after having this screaming match. I actually think their fight was sexy. Is that weird? Because you could tell it wasn't out of hating each other or jealousy or any of that bad stuff it was because they want to be together but couldn't at the time. You know, one of those passionate arguments that are supposed to end with a make out session? Of course Tyler shouldn't just go running to her right after the breakup though, but I bet they would be good together. But, it doesn't matter, because Mia is "over him." And when she was singing "Heartless," you know who it was about.

Mia might give her best-guy-friend-who's-always-been-there-for-her a chance. So basically she'll have to choose between the two stereotypes: the "bad" boy who is interesting to her, but might not be good for her because if he cheated on one girl, who's to say he won't cheat on her? Or, or the "best friend" who loves her and is perfect, but maybe isn't more than a friend and if they get together it could ruin the friendship (been there, done that! it's all good..untill it's over and you lose your best friend!)

So even though Mia's supposedly done with Tyler, you know she'll probably go after him once she finds out he's single (and probably annoy the crap out of Aaron, the best guy friend). So will that be all fun and games, or will she realize he's kind of a player? Will she give Aaron a chance? We'll see.

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