Saturday, June 6, 2009

Everything is Better in Pink.

I dunno about you guys, but I think that everything is better when it comes in pink! The only thing I'm missing is a pink phone. I used to have one but then it drowned so I had to put my sim card in a random one a friend had. My camera is actually red, but it has a pink case (on the left). I'm definitely working on building my pink collection.

: )

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Guest Blogger!

Hey guys, if you get a chance, check out my guest article on It's all about glitter, which I love (when it doesn't get everywhere!).  Get ideas on looks to try out and how to wear it right.

Thank you Karen for featuring me.

If the voice doesn't sounds a little different than usual, note that it's been edited down quite a bit to fit her desired length (I tend to write a lot). 

Hope you like it.

My Go-To gloss

Wet n Wild Glassy Gloss Lip Gel in Reflection.
Clear lipgloss is perfect for any look. It will add a subtle shine on it's own, or amp up any lipstick by making it creamier and glossier. Gloss also helps hide those tiny wrinkles around the lips. Lipstick can accentuate those lines, but if you love lipstick,  just put this right on top. 

I love Wet n Wild's because it is just a few dollars, and lasts a surprisingly long time. I never run out of products because I have so many, but I have repurchased this a few times.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

But It reminds me of him...

You know how right after a break up it feels like you can't go anywhere or do anything because everything reminds you of them?

You can't go to where you had your first date, even if it's your favorite place, because if you go you'll think of him and and cry. You can't go eat at that one restaurant anymore because you ate there with him once. It sucks being in your own bed because he may have slept there with you. You can't go to the fruit section of the super market because his favorite food was grapes. You flip through channels on the TV and it flickers through his favorite show, so you throw the remote at the TV but then are stuck watching the show so then you burst into hysterics. It gets so riduculous that you get annoyed if that one girl talks to you because her ex was friends with your ex's best friend's girlfriend's sister. And you'll never go a McDonalds ever again because you passed by it once when you were driving with him and he said "I like their Big Macs."

But songs can be the worst. You will never be able to listen to his favorite band again without thinking of him. Or you'll think the radio DJ is out to get you because every song on the radio seems to be saying something exactly about you and him. And then they play your favorite song but you can't even listen to that because you listened to it with him that one time.

But god forbid you hear their name. And if it's a common name or the name of something else, well, you're screwed. I had a boyfriend named Tyson, so for a while I had something against Tyson chicken and their stupid commercials. I had a boyfriend named Miles, so if a week after our breakup you were to tell me you were "Going to go run 2 miles" or you were driving "70 miles per hour" I probably would have turned around and walked away. The other day I was reading an article where a girl was talking about her boyfriend named Miles. Now, I'm way over that guy that I dated, but every time I would read that name it would recall those horrible feelings I had after we broke up. So I stopped reading. In my defense she said his name A LOT. And then all because of her I had a dream about him. Thanks.

What places or things did you have to avoid after a breakup?

What would you never name your kid because it's your ex's and then you would probably have a grudge against your own kid for its whole life?