Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nails: Acrylics vs Press Ons

♦Last a long time
♦Have to go back for a fill after a week or two or the growth looks weird
♦Done by a professional
♦ Have to go to the salon to get them done (30 min-1 hour)
♦Have to pay the salon price ($20-50)
♦If you have sensitive nails it can hurt when they file them down
♦Different colors/designs
♦Hard to take off by yourself
♦Usually painful to take off regardless of if you go to the salon to do it
♦To have the removal process be pain free you would probably have to soak them in acetone for an hour
♦Damages your nail, either slightly or severely (makes them weak, leaves weird indentatoins)

Press Ons (with glue, not strip):
♦Can get these at any drugstore
♦Can do them yourself
♦Looks like salon nails
♦Much cheaper (around $8 usually)
♦Lasts a long time
♦No nail damage
♦Can take off quickly and pain-free by soaking in acetone for a minute or less and poking underneath with a nail tool (they pop right off)

These are press-ons. I definitely prefer them to acrylics. Cheap, easy to apply and take off, and
they have the same look as acrylics without damaging your nail, having to go into the salon, and spending the extra money.

Some people don't like them because they get air bubbles. I don't get bad ones, I just apply the glue directly onto the nail and press for a few seconds. If I get a tiny air bubble, it's barely noticable and still worth paying so much less without damaging the nail. Plus, most likely no one is going to be staring at them that hard. You might get some glue on your skin, but it rubs off usually within an hour. Just try not to get glue on the finger you press down on the nails with or it will take them off if the glue is still wet.

I wore these on my birthday, and painted a silver line above the white part with my nail art polish (the kind with the really thin brush). They can actually end up looking better than this; I accidentally got the wrong kind and had to file it down to fit my nail better. But for $8 and ten minutes I think it's a pretty good job. Just hold your nail up to the package to see if you get a good fit. They make them with longer or smaller nail beds, different sized and shaped tips, and even in different colors and with different designs, etc.

If you get sick of them after a few days you can take them right off without feeling bad that you spent a ton of money on them. You don't have to bite at them and rip them off painfully untill they come off tiny piece by tiny piece.

For the money and look they're so worth it, especially because you won't have to wait 3 months for the indented line on your nail from the acrylics to grow out! Or for them to get back to normal after being filed paper-thin at the salon. A lot of people don't even think of trying them, but they're definitely worth at least a try.

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