Sunday, May 17, 2009


Okay, so I am here in a different state, starting at a new college. There's things I love here, and things I don't. 

I've been here just over a week and I've already made great friends. People here are really nice. That said, being here in a big city, you have to be careful. No matter what you wear, guys will yell things at you. Homeless guys will say "Hey gorgeous, spare change?" and guys will come up to you and go "Damn, how you doin?" 

I actually had this really scary situation happen to me where I was inside a restaurant and this crazy guy came up super close to me saying nonsense about 2 inches away from me. That freaked me out. The owner had to literally push him out of the restaurant, screaming "Fuck you, get the fuck out." So...that was the downside of my time here. And strangely, other people say they haven't had any problems other than homeless people asking for change.  And that situation was horrible. Someone invading your space who will not leave even if you physically push them. Being a girl/woman automatically has you fear for your safety more than guys do and situations like that scare the shit out of you.

But, besides that, it's been fun. In this city everything is close either by walking distance or public transportation. It's also really green here, so even though you have the city, the streets are lined with trees and 10 min outside the city there's forest. 

Another thing that I have to get used to is relying on myself for food. Either going to the grocery store or picking it up or making it, and I am so not a chef. But I am hypoglycemic so I NEED to eat every few hours, and need to eat protein, otherwise I will be really weak and feel sick. But when I get stressed, it's hard for me to eat, so sometimes I can't eat, and then I feel more sick, and it's a vicious circle. I'm used to family being there for me to help cook or pick up something or go out to lunch with. Actually tonight I made food with friends, so that's a good strategy.

And, there's two close guy friends I've made, and a girl friend.My school is an art/design lets just say it's filled with artists/nerds/computer geniuses, and then people like me who are studying fashion. It's a pretty funny mix. Right off the bat you can tell if someone's major is Graphic Design or Animation versus Fashion Design or Marketing. So these guys are into computers, film, art, etc...are tall and skinny, and when you see them you definitely wouldn't think "OMG THEY'RE SO HOT!"

But they are SO nice. And funny. And really there for me so far. And I have trouble between being able to differentiate if someone should be a friend or not. Because I like to be close to people. But, it would be a horrible idea to date someone in your dorm (in case you break up), and  I wouldn't want to ruin any friendships. Plus I kind of like both of them...haha. But one has a girlfriend. Plus, I miss the other guy. Whenever I hear songs, I think of him. I still hate him for ruining something amazing. So no matter what, I have to remember that I have to restrain myself from anything untill I am completely over that.

I probably won't be writing about too much makeup anymore, because I don't really have the time to upload a bunch of pictures anymore. So I might go back and delete those and make this a personal blog/journal, or create a new one. I'm not sure...what do you think?


  1. Awww.... don't delete those! I'm sure you'll find some time for this little passion you have.

  2. Just have a lifestyle blog! A little bit of everything;like the make up posts, show review, ect. All that good jazz.

    P.S. You wouldn't be going to AIW are you? Sounds like you are, I go there and at my branch it's just like that - you can tell who's in what major right off the bat :D

  3. don't delete your makeup posts!just write about whatever you want,you never kno one day you may do a makeup look and snap a random photo and be able to post it.

    the homeless ppl situation sounds really scary!i hope you stay safe but tht aside sounds like things are very interesting,moving to a new city,going to a design school sounds like the plot of an mtv reality show ;P i like


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