Monday, April 27, 2009

Shows: The Hills and Their Geniuses.."Fornification" and "Putting That Down Like a Dead Dog"

Because I have such a busy, interesting life right now, I also watched the Hills. And I have a few questions for you. A few of them I even answer myself.

Don't you like how these people have the money to just decide at the last minute that they feel like going to Hawaii to stalk their friends? Similarly...just showing up on someone else's vacation uninvited? At their hotel?

When Spencer and Heidi have this awkard and hilarious dinner with Heidi's ex and his girlfriend, she says something like "Oh Heidi you look so different than in the picture I saw. Like a different person!" Heidi stares at her and goes..."Oh should we order drinks?" Why didn't she just confidently reply "Yeah it's either the new boobs, nose, lips, or weave"?

Stephanie's suggests that maybe Audrina should hook up with Brody so she can get Justin back? Good reasoning girl, good reasoning. Good for the self esteem. And for avoiding drama. Cause no one on this show likes drama.

Spencer informs Heidi's ex Colby (who is waiting untill marriage) that if there was an earthquake and he the earthquake?...he would die a virgin. And that if Spencer was still a virgin he would be so bored and wouldn't know what to do with himself. He then asks that if the dude dies in the aforementioned earthquake, would he be able to have sex once he got to heaven? I too, would like to know.

Did Heidi's ex's girlfriend (waiting till marriage cause the bible says so) really say that sex is called "fornification" in the bible ( meaning "fornication") while reading the actual bible..right in front of her? Why yes, yes she did. Maybe they should have taught her just a little bit more about "fornification?" And, giving his full attention as usual, Spencer showed his respect during the bible reading by texting the whole time.

Who is more mature, a 13 year old boy or Brody Jenner and his friends discussing who is getting "laid" while putting Hawaiian leis on each other?

Gosh, this is so romantic. Wouldn't you just jump right into bed with someone who gave you this proposal (or whatever it was, maybe a declaration?) : "If we decided, one night, when nobody's around, late at night ... feelings are feelings?" Well, Audrina did.

How many times on this show can they show back and forth takes of people with these er..meaningful and intense stares that seem to just bore into one's sole? Or maybe just at someone's shoes (editing).

Referring to Audrina practically laying herself on a platter, Brody's friend goes "I would've put that down like a sick dog." Really??? Classy. Not sure what to think about someone who compares sex to euthanasia. But the best part is that when Brody confesses to cheating, his friends, well, they clap. Even more classy.

And finally, did Audrina actually compare Jayde coming after her for sleeping with her boyfriend to "starting a war?" War. As know, Iraq? Or say, WWII with the Nazis. Hmm..good metaphor.

Too harsh?

Thanks for reading anyway.


  1. Nice wrap up. I enjoyed reading it :]

  2. lol! this was super funny! how about stephanie practically telling Audrina to sleep with Brody,then asking Lauren if she was going to tell Jayde about it!!lol I could not believe whn Brody just putting that proposal out like that!hah i didnt even realize the hilarity of "putting that down like a dead dog" until now! Audrina is pathetic for going after Laurens sloppy seconds!

    loool long comment!


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