Monday, April 27, 2009

Shows: Tonight's Gossip Girl

On the latest episode of Gossip Girl we found out Gabriel is up to something with Poppy. I have to say I'm not that interested. More importantly:

Serena wears this outfit where it looks like she forgot her jacket. And maybe her shirt. It's kinda like a bustier, but with a high waisted skirt (unfortunately I can't find a pic of it yet). So there's one of Georgina's hair.

I love Georgina's long hair. Serena's is now shorter and more boring. Serena kind of is boring. But I love Blair.

I prefer Chuck and Blair over Nate and Blair. Much more interesting.

Georgina got "saved." I don't even remember the whole Georgina drama. But apparently she roofied Serena? Anyone else remember?

Why did Serena wait to figure out if Gabriel was lying or not until after she slept with him? (And why does her mom let her sleep at a guy's house?)

In case anyone was wondering, the show is still not at all like the books (though I don't remember too many details from them from when I was like 14. Or 17...whatever.) From what I do remember, it's nowhere near similar. In them, Chuck is not a big character. And is gay. And has a monkey. Jenny is supposed to be this short brunette with giant boobs. Vanessa is this artsy alternative girl with a shaved head. Dan and Serena date for like a day but Dan and Vanessa date the entire time.

Speaking of, when are Dan and Vanessa gonna make out?

Check out Blair's red lipstick from a few episodes ago.

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